Will Dove is a independent graphic designer and illustrator who has worked with a range of clients including boutique shops and major corporations. From his Durham-based studio, He creates visual solutions that couple timeless principles with contemporary craft. 

Will is currently accepting new projects. If you wish to work together please email.


Freelance Design (Current)
Designer at ISL
Designer at Design Army
Designer at Graphic Moxie
Auburn University BFA 2011


Bloomingdale's, HRC, JLL, Krispy Kreme, Kroger, Luden's, The Nature Conservancy, Mapbox, Neenah Paper, Remind, The Washington Post, Washingtonian


Branding, Illustration, Logo Design, Typography, Art Direction, Poster Design, Editorial, Book Design, Packaging, Storyboarding

Golden Belt Arts - Will's home and studio

Golden Belt Arts - Will's home and studio